Cisco & Seagate

Online promotional spot created in Flash for Cisco and Seagate. I created the animation and served as the animation designer.

Designer: Stephen Kramer

Lutsko Associates

Actionscript 3 driven Flash with a liquid GUI.

Designer: Jason Liske


Refactored and extended existing Actionsript 3 code base to bring website up to date with FDA regulations.

Cordran Tape

Instructional animation built in Flash.

Designer: Stephen Kramer

Christmas Caroloke

Online promotional spot advertising a 'Christmas Caroloke' CD.

Designer: Stephen Kramer

le Pen - Exploration in Digital Media

The user starts with a leaf and a large blank canvas. I like to think of the leaf as the moment of inspiration that the user must discover. The interactive space is left purposefully directionless; I wanted the user to explore the functionality in a similar manner as people explore their own inner thoughts during free form drawing. When the user clicks on the leaf a random amount of seeds get generated and translate across the screen for a fixed distance. The seed will either die and spawn a creature, or remain indefinitely on the canvas and can be clicked to generate similar functioning seeds. In this manner of generation, the space will fill with creatures and end up with a completely unique distribution of creatures and seeds.

Illustrator: Louise Chen